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Why RV Buyers Are Getting Younger

The data doesn’t lie… the average age of the RV buyer has gone down 10 years since the 90’s!

When I was growing up, it was only my grandparents who had an RV. It was this massive Class A with sticky vinyl seating, a “luxury” TV inside that two grown men would struggle to carry, and an off-putting floral pattern that the RV manufacturer seemed to put anywhere and everywhere (did we really need the floral on the bathroom window valance?)

Nowadays, you may find that kind of RVer still, but you’re also going to find many young couples with a towable (we love the Timber Ridge series from Outdoors RV) with their friends and family along. RV-ing used to be a commodity only afforded to retirees, but with a new generation that can work remotely or whom simply dislikes the traditional hotel & eating out version of travel, the RV alternative is the perfect fit. Modern families with a penchant for breathing in the fresh outdoors air love the freedom to stay in the woods for the weekend last minute, and yet feel fully prepared.

As the needs of the general public changed with time, RV brands have adapted and made models with all sorts of features and floorplans that make RV-ing accessible for everyone. Even small towables these days will have bunk beds in them, allowing part-timers with young children to get on the road. There’s been a lot of buzz over the Forest River models we carry that can sleepĀ ten people! Through creative means like convertible couches & dinettes, triple decker bunks, and murphy beds, now larger groups of people can get their travel on. For the disabled community, there are now RV-specific wheelchair lifts, and many online forums for disabled RVers. We, at Cordelia RV, love it when people are able to travel and see the world despite a disability. Design has also improved. Gone are the days of the dreadful green plaid interior (who’s responsible for that design choice anyway?) and we now see a surge of nice dark woods, stainless steel appliances, and leather couches.

Technology for travelers on the go has also increased dramatically. This is huge because, I don’t know about you, but if I’m on the road for 1-2 weeks in remote locations, I’d like to be able to wash my clothes and check the occasional email! There are now wi-fi extenders and washer/dryer duos, among other gadgets, that simplify life on wheels. With instant access to the internet, what was once a relatively solitary experience, now has made the RV community an extremely social one. Many groups and accounts exist across Facebook & Instagram with the sole purpose of connecting and orchestrating group campouts. I know of a couple from California that met other couples in Washington when traveling, and four years later are all still close friends who travel together often.

In 2018, the RV Lifestyle is no longer solely about traveling after decades at a career, but about embracing the local joys of nature around NOW, and creating a better community because of it. Most of the people you meet on the road are some of the kindest, mostĀ conscientious people you’ll ever meet.

We hope to see you on the road!

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