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Tips to Get Ready for RVing During Fall

Sadly, summer is coming to an abrupt end! Don’t worry too much because fall is one the most beautiful times of year to pack up your RV and hit the road. Most RVers will tell you that fall is their favorite season to go RVing because of the beautiful fall foliage, the weather, and fewer crowds. We have a few easy steps to for you to follow to make your fall RV trip the best experience yet!

Pack The Right Clothes: Be sure to pack proper attire like insulated sweaters, warm socks, thermals, coats, and gloves! Dressing in layers is your best bet this time of year.

Keep The Interior Warm And Toasty: During fall, the temperatures start to drop and the nights are often chilly. Make it comfortable and cozy inside your RV by hanging drapes, styrofoam of curtains on the windows to help prevent the cold. Also, be sure use throw rugs on the vinyl flooring; this will help add insulation to the floor and keep your feet cozy.

Stay Up To Date On Maintenance: It is important to check your RV before you hit the road. Be sure to check your tire pressure when RVing in the fall because it is common for it drop as the weather changes. Also, check your heating system and water system to make sure it is running properly after not being used frequently during summer.

Bring Firewood: Don’t forget to pack a few bundles of firewood with you as this will be necessary for the brisk nights. Be aware that most campsites forbid you from scavenging for firewood, so bring your own!

Have Your Camera Ready: Just about anywhere you travel this fall, you’ll see a beautiful change in the foliage. Get that camera ready and capture the beautiful scenery.

No matter what season is your favorite time to camp, taking an RV trip in the fall is something everyone should experience! Plan your next RV adventure today with Cordelia RV.

Happy camping, outdoor lovers!




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