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The RV Learning Curve

What is the learning curve theory?

For this article, I would describe the learning curve theory as a graphic depiction that illustrates the relationship between how proficient someone is at completing a task, versus how many times the person does the task. The more you do the task, the more proficient you are at it.

For example, let us say you take a continuing education course at your local community college. The instructor teaches you the subject matter, you study the subject matter, and you successfully pass the course. But if you do not put the course material into practical use almost immediately, you will not retain the information. This is what I refer to as “use it or lose it.”

My research on this topic indicates the average person retains approximately 20-percent of what they hear, but that percentage increases exponentially when they put what they hear to practice. Another interesting observation is 80-percent of people choose learning by video over reading about a topic.

The RV Learning Curve

Now I want to apply this to the RV Learning Curve

You purchase an RV, and the day finally comes when you take delivery of the RV from the dealership. You are excited, and just want to take the RV home. Cordelia RV Center gave you a walk-through orientation of the RV, explaining how everything on the RV works. You listen and watch, but it is too much information to process in a short period of time. Now you are home with the RV, and you cannot remember 80-percent of what was covered during the walk-through. One week later, you remember even less.

This is a combination of being excited on the day you took delivery, and not really learning anything during the walkthrough. Remember what I said earlier, the learning curve is the relationship between how proficient someone is at completing a task, versus how many times the person does the task.

To really learn, requires you to take an interest in the content, relate the content to knowledge you already possess, and then repeat the training as often as possible.

For example, we always relate this to how many times you need to hear the lyrics to a song before you can sing along. The more often you hear the song and practice the lyrics, the sooner you can remember the words and sing along.

The bottom line is repetition and more repetition.  

To learn how to use your RV requires repetition, done properly and safely. I realized new RV owners needed some type of visual training they could refer to whenever and as often as they needed, until they became more proficient at using the RV.

I always say, our goal is to be there for you until you no longer need us.

This visual type of training not only applies to new RV owners, but it also applies to experienced RV owners too. Think about putting your RV in storage for four or more months at a time. When you are not using the RV, you forget how things work. After four months of non-use, I guarantee you will forget how some of the things on the RV work.

RV Education 101 offers the best, most concise RV learning available anywhere at an affordable price. Our RV Online Training Program currently offers 12 video training courses, and 12 E-book training courses on every RV topic imaginable. After you purchase and enroll in a course you have lifetime rights to the course. That means anytime you forget something, if you have an Internet connection you can simply pull the information up and view it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

We addressed the RV learning curve more than two decades ago, so all your RV experiences are enjoyable rather than troublesome. Cordelia RV Center proudly offers all available RV Education 101 training courses at the link below.

Happy Camping,
Mark Polk
RV Education 101

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