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Finding The Perfect Campsite

You’re on the road exploring, without a care in the world . . . but wait!

You need a place to camp your rig for the night.

Sure, you could stay in a Walmart parking lot, but Boondock RV-ing (camping without water/power hookups) only works for so long. With 40.5 million* campers and avid RVers in America, the demand for RV parks has never been higher. With the increased number of parks and fluctuation of those closing and those opening, we highly recommend getting ahold of the campsite prior to pulling up Google maps and beelining there. Most credible RV parks these days will have a Yelp page and/or a business website. Look for information on their RV size restrictions, what hookups they offer, and whether or not they accept pets.

State parks often have RV parks, and while they are typically surrounded by beautiful terrain, they may lack closeby amenities such as grocery and general stores. We’ve found a great app ReserveAmerica, (available on Android & Apple Store) that allows you to check campsite availability and book your spot. We’ve included links to download the app at the bottom of this post.

Now for the fun stuff…

I’m sure you love luxury as much as we do, and sometimes after being on the road for a while, you deserve to treat yourself! Here are our top 3 picks of luxury RV campsites:

  1. Hilton Head Motorcoach Resort (Hilton Head, North Carolina) They offer tennis and basketball courts for the active folk, and a spa and pool for those who wish to relax. Hilton Head Motorcoach’s facility also features marble bathrooms and the beautiful surrounding forest. Cost of the stay is approximately $70/night.

2. Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort(Newport Beach, CA) This resort offers a 1 mile beachfront property which boast of having a nature reserve, lagoon, and beachfront camping, with many other comfort amenities. Newport Dunes Resort also has a marketplace, pool, and spa. Cost of stay is approximately $80/night.

3. Zion River Resort & RV Park (Virgin, Utah) They are one of the top-rated RV parks in the US, and rightfully so with their stellar location and service just outside Zion National Park. Zion River Resort offers a pool, game room, mining sluice for kids, shared camper kitchen, and a shuttle to the national park. Cost of stay is approximately $70/night.

Cordelia RV Center wishes you all the best in your travel adventures, and would love to hear about your adventures. Email us at

Link to ReserveAmerica app in Play Store

Link to ReserveAmerica app in iTunes Store

Author: Aubrei Duncan. Published on July 17th, 2018


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