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5 Summer RVers Tips!

Plan your Route

Since Summer gets busier than other days in
the year, make sure you have reservations where to park your RV!

And to make the most out of your trip be sure to plan your route according to experiences you wish to fulfill. Other things to take in consideration, the amount of time you are staying out, the weather forecast and the activities you plan on doing! Is always nice to have a backup plan as well, just in case…

Have your gadgets Fully Charged

If you are going to the Outdoors, it’s important to keep your cellphones and other gadgets charged whether it is simply to share your experiences in social media or if it’s only for an actual emergency. You may even need a portable battery.

Document the Adventure

If possible, bring a camera along with you to take pictures or record the adventures and have adventures to tell, memories to remember, pictures to look back years after, or to take pride of how good you did in your trip with your relatives and friends.


 Pack a first aid kit

You might not be able to get to medical personnel quickly, so you will want to keep band aids, antibiotic ointment, alcohol swaps, etc. Don’t forget is Summer! And mosquitoes could be out there..  You might want to add to your emergency kit mosquito repellent


Test Your RV

You want to make Sure your RV is operating with no issues before your departure. You can make this a couple of days before your departure. So it gives you enough time to take care of any inconvenient prior.

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