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4 Traits All RV Full Timers Have

Considering the RV lifestyle, but not sure if it’s a good fit? Ask no further! These are all the traits we most commonly see in new RV owners who have made a smooth transition to life on the fly.

//   O R G A N I Z E D   //

The biggest rule of thumb with this lifestyle is knowing that you can save yourself a headache later by planning now. Do you have enough propane? Did you pack RV friendly toilet paper? What about your electronics? You don’t want to run into an “Oh..I thought you packed the phone charger” situation. Important things like making sure meals are planned out (if you’re going to be camping remotely the next few days) are things that can escape us when we’re caught up in the excitement of the trip.

//   O C C U P A T I O N A L   F R E E D O M   //

Whether you’re retired, able to work remotely, or taking a break from work to travel, we all have had to overcome the obstacle of how to generate income while away from home for extended periods of time. Many forms of supplemental income exist if you don’t have a 100% remote job but want to earn extra money. While it does require an active internet connection, sites like or allow you a way to make some extra cash on the road. Anyone looking for a career change? If you were wondering what job fields allow working remotely, they include writers (blogs, online forums, journalism), web development of all kinds (front end developers, social media managers, coding/HTML experts), customer service positions (operated either by phone or over a Live Chat), and many more! Chances are if you can establish what your niche is, you can find a way to do it remotely.

//   O U T D O O R S -Y   //

^ That’s a word, right? You know what I mean! It’s the type of person in a group of friends when suggesting things to do says “Ooh, we should go hiking!”, and lives for sales at REI & Northface. In all seriousness, so much of what attracts people to RV-ing is getting better acquainted with nature and exploring all that America has to offer. Getting out of your own backyard can be a little nerve-wracking the first couple times, but remember that park maps and forest rangers are your new best friends. Keep a camera on you if you’re into photography, because spending so much time in nature, you’re inevitably going to come across some striking visuals. Lastly, I’m not trying to be your mom but make sure you bring bug spray! A sure way to dampen a great day outside is to come back to your RV itchy and agitated.

//   A D A P T A B L E   //

Anything can happen on the road! If you’re traveling with someone else, you may have different ideas of how to spend your free time. While being in close quarters consistently, sometimes the key to keeping the good times rolling is doing some things separately. You may have different interests or morning routines, and that’s completely okay! Embracing differences is how you keep on keepin’ on. While on the road, it’s also possible you could experience some technical difficulties, like your fridge not working or the A/C blowing hot air. Step one is to not freak out, and calmly proceed toward a solution. See if your RV is properly stabilized, or if you’re trying to run your shore cord with your power turned off. You can always consult your manual, online forums, or give us a call for help trouble-shooting.

Bonus points if you can:

-Read maps

-Fix flat tires if you break down

-Make some mean camping cuisine

We hope this gives you a better understanding of what it takes to RV Full Time, and comment below if you know how to do any (or all three!) of the bonus items!
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